Community-based Projects
Picking Up Trash

Sport and recreation therapy – We will enable residents to access exercise sessions for improved mental
and physical health;sessions for improved mental and physical health;
IAG - We will provide support and guidance around information, advice and guidance and enable people
in the community to access short course and CPD sessions;
Mentoring and advocacy - We can provide such a service which is independent, confidential and centres
around making sure that the client’s voice is heard.

The Evolve Support and Guidance Service will benefit the community as it facilitates education and
learning for residents through short scale sessions and holistic and skills-based curriculums. Our ethos is
to produce independently minded, educated people who are socially conscious and want to have a
positive impact on their community and have respect for all. We are committed to providing each and
every resident with a stimulating and supportive learning environment, which celebrates their unique
character and capabilities, allowing them to be themselves and enabling them to evolve and achieve to
the best of their ability. This will also be achieved through postive recreation activities and also through
access to mentors, advocates, careers advisors and psychotherapists who will provide additional support
and guidance.

Developing exciting and innovative take on the hollistic lifeskills solutions which teaches and equips
residents with employability (thinking and problem solving, self-management, working together, IT,
language and numeracy), functional skills tuition and training opportunities, to take with them to the
workplace and incorporate into other areas of life and positive activity engagement;
Our new take on hollistic lifeskills solutions will empower residents to support, run and manage the charity
whilst gaining qualifications and new skills. The charity will provide advice services to individuals and